Saving the world from starvation

Welcome again!

You know I really love to have you here again, and with such an important issue.

As we talked last week we start noticing a slight increase on food prices on the last years but still we waste a lot of food and this can lead us to one of the biggest food crises in human history.

For that so we need to put our minds working to figure it out what strategies we should start using to save the world from starvation.
To try to solve this problem a lot of experts are getting together to find strategies for food crises, one of the main solution can start immediately at your home, just don’t waste food, if you make a party and you have food leftover give to your guests or re-used, there are so many ways of cooking food leftovers that you gonna be amazed.

The one strategy that you can also be a part is buy local, help your local farmers supporting through donations and buying that products, insist on your government to help the farmers with less taxes and better loans, good regulations that will help them in times of crops shortage.

The science can and will be a good solution for food crises, with seeds that can grow when the conditions of the country are not the best and with weather research predicting dry season or storms. Of course there is a lot of fear regarding to GMO, but this is with no doubt one way of stop this tragedy, and there is a lot of misinformation, you can learn more about GMO on Are GMO’s good or bad?

But more important is the regulation that need to prevent financial institutions behave badly, I think we learn a lot in the 2008 crises about there behaviour right? We need also laws that avoid the agriculture to destroy the environment.

Another strategy is to distribute all the produced food for each people in the world, no one would need to starve and we would have enough food for everyone.

You can see more information on and make your own #feeding9billionchallenge


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