What the “food people ” did in 2016?

Almost 2017! Uau this year was a crazy year!Brexit!Trump!Italy Referendum! The world is falling apart… again. Thank god we have food!
Let’s get back to one year ago and see what happen until now 😜
One year ago I found Cookingtrip, what was supposed to be just a recipes blog turn out to be more than that, with food news, places to eat, countries to fly and products to discover. It been a huge adventure, I learn so much, saw so many places and new brilliant people that I just can be grateful.
And what was the best of 2016? Let’s check it out the best of 2016.

The Portuguese won the best restaurant in the World

It was in May that José Avillez won with Belcanto de best restaurant in the world


What you are willing to do for a amazing fruit?

It was with with a lot a effort that I went to several countries to try some of this fruits just to let you know how they taste, and all just for you.

And now that the year is almost in the end why not book a trip to one of this amazing places to try one of these fruits?75c5f28b6b9f47093cff1a6e9944615c


How to lose weight in 2017?

This year I made this delicious dessert that is so guilt free and so good for that weekends cravings.


How we get in to Bake off?

It was with  Samantha Rain that we had the opportunity to know some of the secret tips for a great cake.


Are we safe from Brexit?

I went to the streets of London to try to unveil how brexit will affect the food industry in UK.


The AI (artificial intelligence) will replace human 

And its already in Silicon Valley that humans are being replaced by amazing machines.

-999x-999 (1)

Thank you foodies for this amazing year, I really want to see you more here next year, join the blog anytime you want and give your feedback.

Have an really good year I will be here waiting or you 🙂

Paula de Almeida


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