The good old days

I was raised by my grandparents and though they belong to privileged families they saw close what II world war made to the world.

One week food ration on UK during II Wolrd War

You know 42 years ago Portuguese lived under a dictatorial regime, is kind weird to think in an unfree Europe, now that we have the choice to live wherever we want in the EU is difficult to imagine a world like this.

The Salazar regime was like a lot of dictatorial regimes same same, the poor where really poor and the few rich or they hide there money or they have to be a part of the regime, there was no free expression and your opinions where to keep to yourself, in fact for me to write this blog on that time it would mean prision or dead. That regime obviously had a huge influence in food and how people manage to make there meals.

In a family of 5 child’s, where food was not a lot, feed the kids was a hard job, I heard to many times “in my house one sardine had to be enough to all my brothers” (no wonder sardines one of portuguese symbols) , but is in time of need that the human beings find the brighter solutions.

Now imagine that you are in a place where there just a 1kg bag of flour and water, this is just what you have to eat for 3 months and some fish that you have to fish yourself, is not easy to ration so little amount of food, not easy? Yes! Impossible? No way.

The water bread was one of the life saver that made a lot of people survive in times of lack of food in Portugal, because the lack of flour people used to put more water then flour on the bread (60%flour/40%water), even today you can buy this cheap bread in Portugal, this bread is super light and crispy on the outside and goes really well with sardine (if you manage to catch them 😜)


Fortunately for Portugal everything end up with flower carnation revolution.


But in a time where we give ourselves to the luxury of trough away food (20 to 50%) I’m concern about our future.

In 50 years the scientist predicts that the human population will reach the 9 billion and we will need to produce 50% more food, our capabilities of production are getting shorter every year while our demand is getting higher and higher, this could mean in a near future a huge food crises.

Are we ready to starve?

With no new strategies on food security we could face a water, food and energy crises that will not only affect the poor but can lead to international conflict.
So with our nutritional demand getting bigger our energy bill is rising as well, we use more energy to produce our food, that rises the temperature of the earth leading to global warming, soils are getting more contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers and medicines becoming more difficult to grow anything, what lead to the next problem


Expensive food…Angry people…Violence…War…International conflicts

Pretty scary right? But no worries you probably live in the UK or in USA and you buy your rice for around 2$ 500g nothing special, but remember that between 2015 and 2016 the rice price has increased 6.1%, this means that your rice cost more 67 to 71 cent for 500g ,if the pattern remains like this in 2050 your rice will cost around 25$. Happy inflation right 😋

What can we do? Can you help save the planet from starvation?

Check out next week strategies “Saving the world from starvation”


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