Spicy tofu noodles

Though tofu can replace meat due to his nutritional value (check our chicken vs tofu on the picture above), most of the people dislike his flavor, and I totally understand, for years I looked for a way to give more flavor to my tofu, initially I just grilled, it was really boring and the flavor was disgraceful.

It took me a bunch of trips around the world to find flavors that  could make this ingredient more tasty keeping all the nutritional value.

Though I still want to fly to Thailand to learn more about flavors (next year I hope) that will improve my recipes I found some places in London where Asian traders mix a variety of ingredients that make tofu delicious, my meals will never be the same and is so easy. Try yourself at home and make your healthy meals way more delicious.


Get ready to go to your nearest market we have a big shopping list. But don’t freak out, just because we have a lot of ingredients doesn’t means is difficult, in fact is so easy.

What we will need?







7.Hot pepper mix

8.Enso Japanese Style Udon Noodle

9.Oyster sauce

10.Sesame seed oil

11.Aus Jus or beef gravy



Let’s do it!

1.Slice the mushrooms, tofu, chives (save some sprinkle at the end), onions and smash the garlics, giger and hot pepper mix (leave some apart)

2.On a wok stir fry the all the ingredients with the sesame oil, the mushrooms will start releasing there water.

3.Mix in a bowl a spoon of gravy with hot water and the oyster sauce, mix until the powder is completely dissolved.

4.Pour the gravy on the wok and let it the sauce get thicker and retain all the flavors, the more it stays on the heat the more flavors you will have, but be careful not to burn anything.

5.Rectify seasoning if you feel like you need to.

5.When you ready to serve the tofu, mix the noodles just for them to get warm and plate your delicious spicy tofu noodles sprinkle with chives.

Enjoy your healthy diet with this delicious dish.

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