Halloween can also be fancy @Calamari pasta

Who claim the halloween for the kids? Ok we all know that this day is a great day to dress the kids with scary clothes and give them a sugar overdose, but with the them outside doing there Trick-or-treat why don’t you just take some time to relax and have a gourmet dinner with your soul mate?

Ok I won’t lie this recipe take some time but you can jump some steps and make this recipe way more quick.

The step that takes more time is to make the homemade ink pasta, but you can buy squid pasta in any store near you or buy on this link Squid pasta.

You can find squid ink at this link Squid ink . I use the ink that was inside of the squid but the amount is never enough to make the pasta really dark so I advise you to buy the ink.


What we need for your halloween special night?

For the pasta:

105g of flour

5g of olive oil

2g salt

5g squid ink

1 egg yolk

10g water

For the squid:

2 squids cut into slices



Sweet and spicy peppers mix

How to make the pasta?

  1. Is easier than you think, first pour a glass of wine and enjoy the process of making fresh pasta.
  2. Pour flour on the table and make a well. Crack the egg yolk into the well followed by the squid ink. With a fork, beat the eggs until smooth. Little by little, add the flour into your egg-ink mixture, making sure that the flour is absorbed before you add more. Do it until you need to start kneading.
  3. Keep kneading until a beautiful, smooth dough has formed. If you feel in the process that you have lack of water or flour add this until you have the nice dough.
  4. Wrap dough in plastic wrap, then let it rest for at least 2 hours.
  5. Roll the dough, be prepared to use a good amount of flour to prevent sticking.
  6. Cut the pasta end let it rest while you clean.
  7. Cook in a large pot of sea-salty water until al dente. Stir- fry in  large pan with garlic and sea salt.

How to make the squid?

  1. After cut the squid into slices prepare a big pan with olive oil and the pepper.
  2. Stir fry for a while and pour the garlic.
  3. Keep stiring but be aware that the garlic cannot burn.
  4. Pour the squid and let it cook for 20min. The squid will release the water and you want that water to be reduced  in a way that you will have a bittersweet sauce.

And the plating?

This is up to you, you can see tons of ideas online, Pinterest is a great place to search for some ideas or you can just copy mine 🙂




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