Samantha Rain Winner of “Bake off Creme de La Creme UK”

This is huge! Yes I know it’s been a while since my last post but I hope that the next posts can offset the waiting.

Last weeks where with no doubt crazy, the work was busy and a lot of events and markets to visit (you can check all the pictures on IG with these visits)! Yeah, London is keeping me busy. Friday don’t miss the Camden Market live on Instagram. Hurray!!

The Great British Bake Off or Bake off is a real talent hunter, a baking competition presented by  Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins  and judged by cookery writer Mary Berry and professional baker Paul Hollywood.  This show is so awesome and full of talented people that make marvels with cakes! For those foodies that loves deserts this show is a must watch.

It was in May that Samantha Rain together with Mark Tilling and Helen Vass , won the BBC2’s Bake Off: Crème de la Crème in a really demanding final where the team had to get through a extravagant service for  100 people.



Now that the show ended Samantha join forces with Sosa developing ingredients and recipes that promises to change your tasting experiences.

It was in a Chocolate demo at Woods that I had the opportunity to meet her (she is super nice) and share with you some tips of the chocolate world. And what a world (I spend all day eating chocolate, shame on me)!

Did you ever wonder how to make that delicious chocolate that we eat in the middle of our cravings?

This is super cool! There’s a specific machine build to ground cocoa nibs with stone rollers until they become a paste known as cocoa mass or cocoa liquor. This pure, unrefined form of chocolate contains both cocoa solids (the chocolatey part!) and cocoa butter (the natural fat present in the bean), depending on the quantity of chocolate and cocoa butter you will have different percentage. At this mix we also had sugar but you can add whichever flavour you want. The taste of chocolate just made is something overwhelming. Check out the video.

But flavorlous is the variety of flavours you can add to your chocolate. From bacon to bubble gum, just imagine a flavor and everything is possible.


For those who want to really go pro Samantha brought this chocolate transfer sheets where you can transfer an image to your chocolate and make it a really cool decoration for your desserts (you can find this products at Sosa or at The Cake Decorating Co.).

But you can also make your own chocolate transfer sheet just mix a dye with cocoa butter and spread in a clear sheet .

If you want to know more follow Samantha Rain on Twitter and you can find out more about the wonders of chocolate.

Hope you enjoy it and if you want follow Cookingtrip on Instagram we will be live on IG tomorrow at Camden Market in London.

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Written by Paula de Almeida

Edited by Gonçalo Marques





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