Most amazing fruits around the world.

It seams that they were brought from a distant galaxy by the hands of Matthew McConaughey on the film interstellar.

But no! They grow and prosper here on our planet, different shapes and sizes, full of style and flavors.

Curious to discover the most amazing fruit you will find around the world?



So popular in Jamaica that they just can’t stop eating it!

In Jamaica they usually eat this fruit with a well known dish Ackee Saltfish, this dish is made with cod fish, onion, tomatos,  peppers and of course Ackee.

But take care when you eat this fruit, always ask some native to help you because when is not propperly cleaned can cause vomit.



Samba, Brazil and the colourful Pitaia. This must be the most beautiful fruit in this planet! Outside could be pink or yellow and inside has this white colour with black spots.


Originally  from central America and Mexico but it’s in Brazil that they eat those the most.

It’s so healthy and get you so fit that I  want to travel to Brazil just to eat it all day.

In Brazil is know as the Dragon Fruit.



Just a sweet and juicy fruit so modest that is considered the God’s Feast.

You can find them in south Asia, in Europe is really difficult to find them, but you always can buy the juice.


This fruit has a high concentration of xhantonas, those are antioxidants produced by the fruit that help prevent cancer and inflamations. The high concentration in minerals make this fruit unique.



Taste like a mix of pineapple and strawberries but with the texture like a banana. With this characteristics we could be talking about the next milkshake of Shakeaway.


We can found this fruit in South America, beside its texture and flavor this fruit has this incredible anti aging properties. You can find this fruit in some supermarkets but they are quite expensive.

African Cucumber


Confuse? Wait until you try it!

This is the bipolar fruit! Really! It has the worst case of identity in world of fruit. Some people say that tastes like banana, others cucumber or kiwi, the true is that this fruit is an hybrid between a melon and a cucumber.


People in Africa call it kino, kiwano or even horned fruit. Well his appearance says everything.



Rambutan means hairy, but in Malaysia from where this fruit is native they call it Chôm Chôm that means messy hair.


The texture recall lychee but more juicy and taste like grapes. It has a lot of alkaloids and help you reduce cholesterol.



This fruits in Brazil like to climb the trees. It is so sweet that children spend there days climbing trees to eat this delicious dainty.

The fruit is so famous that there is a festival  called “Festival da Jabuticava”.



This is the cute little brother of lychee, the flavor is similar but is smaller and more delicate. Usually people use them in culinary or in traditional chinese medicine.


Logan is considered a Yang fruit.

Indian fig


Despite the name no one knows where this fruit is from, the first time we heard about it was 9000 years ago. Nowadays you can find this fruit in Portugal  and in another countries in Europe. But be careful this fruit stings in a way you don’t want, if you want to catch them use a very thick gloves. It’s a fruit so rich in iron that it worth the work to pick and clean them.

Send us your pics eating one of this fruits. We want to share them with the world.

Writen by Paula de Almeida

Edited  by Goncalo Marques


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