Brexit and Uk food future!

With the possibility of UK leaving the EU a lot of theories are rising.


Did you ever thought that with the exit of EU many UK farmers will stop receiving money for their crops?

“EU also provides subsidies for UK farmers and its lenient immigration policies among member states are a major source of cheap labor.”

But despite that most of the farmers voted to leave with promises that they can use again glyphosate, a widely used pesticide in UK, and GMO’s crops. Stats says almost 60% voted to leave.


With expensive labor, drop of the pound and less subsidies UK citizens will see their grocery bill increase. Or not!  We just need to wait to see.


For the restaurants! Well you know 28% are foreign-born and they are full of immigrants “typically work for lower pay and are viewed as “more productive”. Do you think Nando’s will close?

transferir (1)

But no worries at least for now! “the Brexit vote is not legally binding, and could potentially be overturned — although such a move would be “political suicide” for whoever led that charge. The UK’s exit will be negotiated over the next several months, and the actual withdrawal process will at least two years.”


Check the full article on Eater

What Will Brexit Mean for Food in the UK?

Written by Paula Almeida

Edited by Goncalo Marques


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