2000 years old butter

The yellow gold aka Butter was once sign of great wealth used to pay taxes and rents, and maybe the owners of this 2000 years old butter were afraid of getting  it stolen, and decided to hide the butter 5 meters under the soil.

The butter was found this week in a Irish farm, the farmer was surprise when he saw that huge block of butter.


The “fat mama”  weighs about 10 kilos (22pounds), and “smells like butter” says Savina Donohoe, curator of the Cavan County Museum, where we can see now this Irish heritage.

The Irish Times first reported the discovery on June 9. “Theoretically the stuff is still edible—but we wouldn’t say it’s advisable,” Andy Halpin, from the national museum’s antiquities department, told the paper.

Seems like the cool temperatures, lack of oxygen, high acidity and bog environment act to preserve the butter.

The discover is not uncommon, in 2013 turf cutters in Ireland’s Offaly county found over 100 pounds of bog butter inside a keg. It was estimated to be 5,000 years old.

Written by Paula Almeida

Edited  by Goncalo Marques


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