Super Detox Smoothie

The weekend is almost here, what about start eating healthier with this super detox smoothie?

This smoothie has the ingredients that you need to get through your day.

The beetroot and the spinach provide you a great source of iron that keep your blood strong and healthy preventing diseases like anemia, maybe you are thinking “who cares about blood” but your blood is like a metro in your body, it carries the good and the bad and if is not strong it won’t protect you against tons of bacteria and virus you are constantly in contact.

This smoothie will give a extra fiber, that you need to feel better and less swollen as well.

Eating healthier does not need to be boring right?!

So wake up and let’s eat healthy

What you will need?

1 Beetroot

1 Hand of spinach

1 Orange

Seeds (your choice)


How are we going to do the smoothie?

It’s so easy!

1.Put all the ingredients into the blender. Blend and drink!

You can store the smoothie for two days without losing any flavour.

Written by Paula Almeida

Edited by Goncalo Marques


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