A beer with a taste of snack

You know that bottle of water you threw away this morning? You may be thinking that someone will bury somewhere far from your sight and in a couple of years that bottle is gone.

But think twice…


Did I catch your attention now?

This is the Great Pacific garbage patch, located  in the central North Pacific Ocean where all you garbage is concentrated. It is foreseen that in 2050 (in 34 years) the sea will have more plastic and garbage that fish, if you are 20 years now and your eating fish remember that at 44 years of age you will be eating plastic! It seems awesome!


But don’t worry!

There is a lot of great people fighting against our mistakes and we can make as well a difference.

Meet the new beer environment friendly!

This beer has edible six pack rings made off sub products of the beer production. Even if they finish their journey on the sea, some turtle or fish will eat them! Problem solved no more pollution! Thank you Saltwater and WeBelivers.

Sea pollution is a big problem nowadays. I will leave you with some shocking photos of what is happening in this moment while you reading this post.

And remember you can be a part of the change! Share this post and let people know about this products.

Make your world a better place for everyone.


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