Do you want to learn for free the art of sushi?

You may not noticed that but  in the past decade Sushi became one of the most aprecciated food ever (well probably you noticed since you have at least one sushi restaurant near your home) and people don’t really bother to spent  there money on it.

But can you imagine learn out to make it with the best? And I’m talking the real deal Japanese ninja style.


If you are a professional cook and you love Sushi then you have until 22 of May to make your application for the Japanese Cuisine Bursary Programme.


In the programme you will have:

1-month basic Japanese language classes
1-month on-campus training programme with Japanese cuisine chefs
*upon successful completion of this portion of the programme, students will receive a Le Cordon Bleu Japanese Cuisine Initiation Certificate to be issued in February
Sample Class Content
– Japanese knife skills
– 5 basic skills of Japanese cuisine (raw preparations, simmering, grilling, steaming, frying)
– elementary butchery and fish filleting
– basic stocks and derivatives (dashi)
– Japanese vegetable cuts
– Japanese culinary terms (e.g. ingredients, tools)
6-month on-the-job training programme at a reputable Japanese Cuisine/Sushi restaurant
Optional culinary-related activities during the programme


Can you imagine? And about the fees, well you are better sit down:

“- Tuition fee, uniform, and tool kit provided

*Participants will be financially responsible for meals, domestic transportation within Japan, kitchen shoes and any other private expenses.

– Round-trip flight to Japan, accommodation expenses, and a 1,000 yen daily allowance provided

*On class days and on-the-job training days only

– Visa support”

Foodies let me know if you will embrace this opportunity and share you story on the blog.


Paula de Almeida




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