London countryside: Hilton Syon Park Hotel and Marco Pierre White

Hilton Syon Park is certainly the ex libris of the Hilton in London, I went through a blue gate where is written park Syon Lane, the entrance looks hidden in the shade right beside to the bus stop, almost unnoticed, but following the narrow dirt road surrounded by wide punches I had a glimpse of several buildings, industrial british style, with carefully arranged balconies and small vessels and floral notes.
Around those I found a large garden with well-kept lawns and a small lake with a bridge where ducks and swans swam.
The hotel lobby has giant automatic door, which is a little slow, leaving that feeling “oh, when this ends?!” but when I get in I was stunned with the majestic vintage lobby, single Italian style sofas with high back, super classics that framed with bright sculptures that gave me the feeling of being always on Christmas.
The lack of a concierge and little sympathy from some receptionists was forget right away after met the general manager, who solved all my problems.
The room was absolutely beautiful, vintage style with luxurious cabinetry and charming chandelier. The bathrooms have a shower and a bath, loved the fact that the shower have a blue light, giving a giant Zen sensation that I really needed.
On the balcony a small iron table with wooden seats for sunny days or romantic nights with your love and a good bottle of wine.
The hotel is well designed and comfortable. As a host did not needed to get out to have fun or spend my time, with a bar, a renowned restaurant, a games room, a club lounge, swimming pool, spa and gym, lounge parties, private garden and even a private dining room.
Something I noticed that was missing at the reception was an explanation about all these options seen to bring benefits to the hotel.
As I had no time to buy a bathing suit I had to leave to do some shopping outside, my advice is if you forget something and need to go shopping, please do not do it overnight because transports are poor in this area, bus is to forget, running only every half hour and if you do any mistake and skip your destiny bus stop you will be lucky to find a way to comeback to Hilton Syon Park.
Back at the hotel and feeling hungry and already a little late for dinner, I had the pleasure to dine at Marco Pierre White  Restaurant , I was very curious about this restaurant as Marco Pierre White is one of the most recognized Chefs in last decades. He is Andy Warhol of the kitchen industry.
I ordered a Chateaubriand, though loved having tasted the T-bone, but had to try a French classic in this restaurant (maybe next time I will go for T-Bone instead). As there was a little indecision between me and my partner as the meat point of cook, the waiter Raul very kindly asked the Chef if it would be possible to cook the meat in to different ways, medium-rare and blue. Chef was able to do this request briliantly.
I confess I’m not the most specialized person in wine pairing but with meat I alwasy go for the red wine. I chose a French Pinot Noir Fortant which Raul advised me to and it was wonderful. Chef kindly offered us a “amouse bouche” which was composed by a dorito with a tasty duck and a beautiful shaped heart flower.
I loved to see the meat coming in a large pan which had small copper fryers with chips, a wooden plank with chateaubrian and their sauces.
The first bite took me instantly to my childhood, the taste of high quality meat that so lovingly created on a farm my grandparents owned. The meat was perfect the way it was cook, sealed perfectly preventing the juices lost, keeping all the flavor and the consistency. Was almost tender as butter falling apart in your mouth.
The wine perfectly paired with meat. It was a lovelly dinner.
With no doubt is a must try restaurant for that special day, the prices range between 27£-57£, a meal for two easily reaches 100£ (no wine).
In the end if you want you can go to the bar and enjoy the cocktails.
The next day was spent exploring the other facilities, the swimming pool was ok, not as fascinating as the other facilities. The steam room wasn’t working unfortunately.
The gym facilities was good and well-appointed. At the spa entrance there was some tables if you want to have your meal or a glass of champagne, I dont like the idea because the tables where next to the lifts.
The Spa was the most disappointing.
If you thinking having a beautiful breathtaking wedding the private garden is a must, is a small private garden with a lake and a majestic building. The building was built between 1820-1827, at that time was a conservatory.
Hilton Syon Park Hotel was with no doubt a great experience, If you are looking for some relax and luxurious days in London now you know where to go.
Paula de Almeida

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