Tribute to Claudia Gourmet Festival 2015

It was on the 15th of November the last day  of 8th edition of gastronomy festival “Tribute to Claudia”, since 2007 and hopefully during the next years this tribute will continue to happen in Vila Joya Restaurant. An emotional  tribute started by Claudia´s daughter, Joy Jung, after her mothers dead.

At the festival attend 51 chefs from all different locations around the globe, all of them recognized by their art of cuisine. With them were students, cooks and staff to help everything to be perfect.

“Tribute to Claudia” is nowadays one of the most prestigious and respectable festivals around the world. This year, beside the quality of different chefs, it is made a tribute to chef Koschina and his michellin stars, and there is a day dedicate to Portugal gastronomy, where different chefs will cook recipes inspired by their grandparents and their memories during childhood.

After speak with the staff from Vila Joya I can truly feel the love and affection they all felt for Claudia Jung. The “Tribute to Claudia” is without any comparison the best way to honor and remember Claudia and her love for gastronomy.

Claudia lived between to countries, Germany (from where she was)and Portugal that she loved and lived. During the year of 2007 she sadly left  us after a battle with a long term decease, but her memory will always endure. Her level of standards and search for perfection made Vila Joya what it is today. I collect an example from a person who had work with her: ” Every time she came back from Germany, the first thing that she wanted to do was check all the ovens and the kitchen and search for imperfections and dust”. This was the beginning of what is Vila Joya today! Perfect!

Cookingtrip was in Vila joya last 12th of November for the “Tribute to Koschina”, one of the new things present this year.

Dieter Koschina arrived to Vila Joya in 1991 by the hand of Claudia Jung, and together they started to aspire to a dream, the dream of excellency! Together they get their 1st Michellin star in 1995, and they achieved to won the 2nd one in 1999. This last Thursday was the 20th anniversary after Vila Joya and Chef Koschina victory, and to celebrate this event they brought all the old staff (some of them already chefs at restaurants with michellin stars) to make magic one more night with their old master.


The challenge proposed to the team was to create a “amuse bouche”, representing 20 years of michellin stars and success of Dieter Koschina.

Dinner included a welcome cocktail and  tasting menu with different wines.

Chefs arrived from different places in the world, they are:

Peter Hagen (Restaurant Ammolite); Bernhard Posh (Restaurant Balance); Christian Golles (Restaurant Seefischer); Gunther Doberl (Restaurant Schlossherrnstube); Siggi Tschurscherthaler (Restaurant Adler); Peter Kroiss and Thomas King (Restaurant At Eight); Richard Nussel (Westfalische Stuben); Clemens Nachbaur (Restaurant Das Schiff); Klaus Deutschmann, Matthias Bernwieser, Gerhard Brugger, João Tavares (Restaurant Terazza); Jens Riltmeyer (Restaurant KAI3); Lucy Lourenço Queiroz (Restaurant Harvey Nicols); Michael Wolf (Restaurant Atelier Wolf); Alexander Koomon (Restaurant De Kluizenaer); Julian Karr (Hotel e Restaurant Karr ); Christian Spitzer; Rudi Tomsej.

The menu included

Palinka ice-cream, crispy goose liver (Klaus Deutschmann);  Smoked Eel, goose liver, beetroot, blueberries (Peter Hagen); King crab salad, avocado,verbena, pink pepper caramel, Bergamot sorbet  (Alexander Kooman);  “Steckerlfisch”, lambs lettuce, caraway  (Gunter Doberl); Kohlrabi, black truffle, avocado  (Michael Wolf); Codfish, caldeirada sauce (João Tavares; Vila Joya); Sea Urchin, carabineiro, wheatgrass (Richard Nussel); Celery Ravioli, coriander (Rudi Tomsej); Scallop, chorizo, squid ink reduction (Lucy Lourenço Queiroz); Parmesan Soup, chilli tomato, rucola salad (Julian Karr). And a lot more.

The ambiance was amazing, in a way to made the experience more interesting, a table for the head chef was placed in a strategic place where was possible to watch all work that was happen in the kitchen. Some guests could join chef Koschina in that table, but the had to pay 600€ per person.

All over the place the atmosphere was very busy, I could watch hundreds of dishes placed in the station, waiters were always in a rush to place all dishes accordingly. The most relevant feeling was euphoria, high doses of adrenaline and everything was perfect.

Luis Mendes

Dining room was amazing, a very selective ambiance surrounded by hundreds of candles, a decor simultaneously chic and charming, but very comfortable at the same time, and surrounded by this were all clients.

After the speech from chef Koschina the dinner started!






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