Codfish with Chevre cheese

Hello foodies!

It wasn´t easy to make a recipe this weekend due to my lack of time, as I was present doing an interview in Algarve Cuisine Academy (that I will release next week), but anyway I am here to prove you that even without time it´s possible to cook a wonderful and delicious meal anyway.

I hope you try to do it at home, we can call it: “fast food”. 😉

Recipe for 2 persons!

Preparation time: 20 min

What we will need?

Filo dough

1 Piece of codfish

Pumpkin jam

2 Slices of Chevre cheese

4 Spinach leafs

1 Garlic clove sliced

1/2 Onion sliced



Olive Oil

How to do?

1 – Remove all spines and skin from the codfish

2 – Add it to the oven (180º C), codfish with garlic, onion, parsley and pepper, for 10 min (covered). Make sure that is well cooked.


3 – Cut the filo dough into squares, add cheese in the middle, spinach, codfish (half) and pumpkin jam.


4 – Close everything very well with help of toothpicks. Spread a bit of butter.

5 – Add to oven until it gets a golden colour (180º C). Cheese should be melted a little bit.

And “Voilá”, enjoy your easy and tasteful meal.


Translated by André Gameiro


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