Mackerel tempura with bittersweet sauce

Hello foodies!

This previous week was the #weekofmackerel and like i promised I will tell you a secret about a wonderful and very easy recipe. A recipe with an asian touch and a great fresh fish called mackerel.

Before I start to describe the process I just want to clarify one aspect of this blog, all dishes are cooked by myself, and the photos are made by me and edit as well. I believe the authenticity should be one of the most important things I should give you, and everything I do is based in International cuisine but always with my touch and personality involved.

I can tell all my foodies friends that the photos are shoot after plating my recipes, sometimes they will have better quality and sometimes they will not, but that always depend at the time of the day/night I can cook. As you know the best light to take a picture is during morning but my schedule don´t allow me to cook always at the same hour.

Tempura de2 cavalaWell now that I clarify this let´s go to what really matters…. Last week I´d done a post in my facebook cookingtrip page. The post was about an event that occured in all Algarve about mackerel fish. The event consists to challenge all restaurants to add mackerel in their menus, and its goal is to encourage the consumption of this very nutritious and low cost fish between all portuguese citizens.

Once this event was so promoted where I live, I think to myself that should be a good challenge to do, and i start to work my mackerel recipe! 🙂

This Recipe is for 4 persons

Dificulty: low

Time to prepare: 20 minutes

What we will need :

2 – big and fat mackerel

60 grams of flour

1 tea spoon of yeast

1 egg gem

salt + pepper (as needed)

parsley (as needed)


Water (as needed)

Bittersweet sauce

How  to do:

1 – Cut the mackerel into fillet, sometimes it seems hard to do, but its not. Anyway, if you feel any difficulty give a smile to the fish seller and probably he or she will do it for you. 😉

2 – Marinate with lemon, salt and pepper.

3 – For the purée (mix paste to do the tempura) join flour, egg gem, parsley, yeast and add water very slowly until you have a thick paste that you can easily mold with a spoon.

4 – Pass the marinated mackerel to the past and fry until it gets a kind of a gold colour. After that make sure that the oil is completely dry in the mackerel.

5 – Mix the tempura with bittersweet sauce and add some seeds on top (I used Chia seeds).

Now its ready! Enjoy!

For desert I suggest an apple pie. Delicious.

translated by André Gameiro


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